For this series, Buried in the Left Behind, I collaborated with a genealogist who specializes in finding the last living heirs to great fortunes. The homes here documented
                  have been abandoned for as many as four generations; the people who once lived inside replaced with cobwebs and vegetation.
                 But their possessions remain—heavy mahogany furniture, treasures from a trip to China, a wedding photo in a frame—posed in the exact same positions as when their
                 owner left, like a snapshot, only slowly deteriorating. The genealogist are able to read these objects like dusty memoirs. They tell him who the owners were, what they cared
                 about, and whom they loved. With this series of still-lifes photos, my intention was to invite the viewer to actively consider these objects as the embodiment of stories of
                 the people who owned them. And to consider their own spaces and objects, imagining the stories they’d tell.